I am a mum to two beautiful boys trying to make a little difference in this world.
Sewing is my hobby & passion. My little office is my happy place.
I have been making cake and cupcake decorations for years and was needing a change. My biggest passion was always sewing but i have never thought it could actually create an income for me.
Having just had a baby i have started off by making baby sustainable grow with me items. I have put my heart and soul into it but ing there wasn't much interest in the clothing.
Determined not to give up on my already large investment i have started researching other sustainable and eco friendly items i could make.
And there was so many to make a difference in this World!
I have started off with the menstrual pad as I have always wanted to try them myself. It's not as easy as buying a patter and making the item. Having a pattern is just a start for me as i love to put my own twist onto things. I like to have slightly different things to others.
Once i made pads i went onto making None sponges, produce bags, wax wraps ..
Wax wraps were so far the hardest thing i have made. Its quite easy to find out from the internet what you should use for them. Noone will unfortunately tell you quantities you need. Took me weeks of trying and experimenting until i was fully happy with them.
All the items i made for my shop are tested by myself and family first. They are used and abused worst case scenario for days before being put up in my shop. This way i am 100% sure all items work and will withstand long term use.
If there us anything else you would love to see in my shop in the future, please do message me and let me know.
Now it's back to work for me 😊 or shall i say back to my happy place!

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